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Things to Consider Before Renting

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Things to Consider Before Renting

Things to Consider Before Renting

Whether you are a newbie or you are seasoned when it comes to renting, there are essential basic pointers that you have to keep in your mind.  Say for instance, there is a need for you to make a little legwork around the price and make sure that it goes well with the size of the property.

With this, here are important things that you need to rent a condo Singapore.


One of the basic things you should never overlook when you are on your search for a great choice of Singapore is ventilation.  Be sure that the property has a good air conditioner, or at least a working fan. You might also want to check out the windows

Internet access

You should also consider internet access in your criteria when renting property in Singapore.  In case it is not available on your landlord, make sure that you are allowed to apply. There are a lot of internet service providers out there that you can choose from.

Clean bed

Before you sign up on the dotted line, it is also a great idea that you check out the bed.  If it looks torn out, it is advisable that you make an arrangement with the landlord in order to have the bed changed with a new and comfortable one.


Privacy is an imperative factor when you are on your quest for a decent choice of real estate in Singapore. According to experts, your ticket to experiencing the best privacy is when you show utmost respect to the privacy of neighbours. With that being said, get to know them well.


Security should never be at stake whenever you leave the property.  With this in mind, be sure that the locks are working well. It is also advisable that you keep an inventory of items especially if you intend to leave for a while.

In case you share the house with other renters, make sure not to leave any important items. In fact, it is not a wise thought if you let your roommates know that you have a valuable item in the house.


In order to get the best choice of property in Singapore, you are highly suggested to do your homework as much as possible. With this, you might want to come up with a list of relevant questions that you can ask to your prospective landlord.

On top of everything, you have to make sure that all the basic necessities will be covered. There are many properties in Singapore that you can choose from so it is better be crystal clear with your specific needs.

There you have it, things you should know before renting a property in Singapore. When you pay attention to the basic pointers given above, you can make sure that you would be able to streamline the renting process.  If you want to spare yourself from any hassles later on, work around on these factors and have a great job doing your homework.

There are also things to know before renting a condo.

When you are ready to rent, lets take a look at finding the right rental property.

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