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Client Testimonials

Mdm Mandy & Mr Henry

“As a seasoned investor, I must say I am very impressed with Jayden’s creative strategies for us to save ABSD, qualify for 80% loan and yet own 2 local private residential properties and ensure that our monthly commitment for owning 2 Residential properties is lower than owning 1. while at the same time creating a reserve fund for us in case of rainy days. Such well thought plan is something we really like about Jayden; for always putting our interest/needs first. We are very pleased to have met Jayden and would surely recommend him to all our friends so they can benefited too. ”

Mr Ong

“Jayden totally surprised me by renting out my unit in less than 3 weeks and the first to be rented out in the whole project!! I thought it would take some time as my unit is the biggest in the project based on my investing experience. However Jayden totally proved me wrong, I will surely recommend such dedicated and honest agent to all my friends”

Ms Lim

“Jayden, Thanks for your patience sharing on how property is not only a good investment tool; but also a good savings plan. Thank you for showing me how I can own 1 or even 2 properties comfortably with only 200k. See you next week.”

Mr Lim

“What separates Jayden from the other property agents out there is the way he treats his clients. He was able to offer a convenient, assuring and personalized service. Never once impatient nor pushy, he helped me rationalize the situation and the merits of each shortlisted property. And he would always be fast to revert on any requests that I made. His dedication and enthusiasm in ensuring every client leaves a happy one regardless of the final buying outcome, is highly commendable. Thank you!”

Ms Shuk Yee

“Jayden is a very knowledgable and hard working person. I think he is the best propert agent in the market!”

Mr Kenny Tan

“Jayden furnished all required information with absolute transparency and valued investors/homeowners who had performed due diligence are timely informed. In addition, Jayden went the extra mile to liaise with respective departments to ensure smooth transition & facilitation.

Aside from that, it is not a one-time deal of set-and-forget but keeping client engaged even after completion of procurement process. Pre & Post sales service rendered are impeccable.

This summarises my personal opinion but why not leverage on his expertise and diligent efforts being tirelessly showered upon you. Hope it helps Jayden and aspiring property owners! “

Mr & Mrs Henderson

“Jayden is extremely patient, hardworking and dedicated to finding us the right property, and, within budget. We looked at many places before landing the one that suited us and all viewed with enthusiasm and no complaint whatsoever. When we finally found a condo that ticked all the boxes we had a problem with our loan. Jayden helped us by contacting the bank on our behalf and miraculously got it sorted out, in our favour. We thank him very much and highly recommend him to any potential buyer or seller.”

Mindy Lim

“After meeting up with Jayden, he gave me a different perspective of property investment. He is very sincere and patient at all my enquiries and doubts, and I can feel that he really cares for all his clients. I had bought my 1st property and would like to thank him for all the hard works.”

Peter Feng

“Jayden shared me with 5-years to 10-years plan on how to earn a big profit with my current flat while owning another. He didn’t just give me something to dream for but practical, really can do steps on how to achieve that. I highly recommend his service to anyone who is looking into buying/selling property”

Mr Sultan Athaham

“Jayden has assisted my wife and I for 2 transactions. As we were based overseas during this period ,key reason why these transactions went without any issues is largely due to Jayden. Jayden is an agent who is dedicated, proactive and always available to answer our queries patiently via Whatsapp or email. Jayden’s service has really impressed us. We feel that he always looks out for his clients. He often assisted  to contact the relevant authorities on our behalf and had the initiative to help to resolve issues. He often sends personalized emails with up to date property information. The best thing is we are often updated on the progress of our transactions without asking. In short, Jayden is dream agent to work with. We will definitely recommend his services.”

Mr Chen

“Jayden is quite a professional property agent.  He helps me buy my first property in Singapore, he is dilegent, patient and always states the issue from the customers’s prospective, his hardwork impressed me so much that I would like to strongly recommend his service.”

Ms Liu

“I have been trying to rent out my 3 bed room unit along River Valley Road for a long time until I met Jayden. Unlike any other agent that I have known, he has very in-depth knowledge of the rental market and he explained to me in details of the current market and walked me through the process of deciding on the rental price. He also went to extra mile to help me with defects rectification when I was not available. Very soon, he helped me to find a good tenant with 2 years corporate lease.

I think to me, Jayden’s professionalism goes beyond his knowledge and ability, it is about hearing me out, lending me a helping hand when needed that impressed me a great deal.

I highly recommend him to all the friends around me because I know that he serves all his clients with professionalism and his heart! And that is very rare to find in the market today!”

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