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For Jayden, childhood was very short. He took some of the load off his mother by working at various part-time jobs to support himself. While his friends enjoyed a free afternoon after school, Jayden had to rush to the MRT station, as he was heading for work. Waiter, popcorn seller, movie ticket seller, even a handyman, these were jobs took by Jayden, that kept him away from home till midnight.

The challenges Jayden faced, which may seem cruel to others, made him stronger. He became a hardworking man, knowing that life can throw hard times at your face. But instead of complaining, he made the most of it, turning the odds in his favor as much as he could. Thus, he never allowed fate to beat him down.

Jayden worked in many government agencies such as in the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and Keppel Seghers. Here, he learned the quality of well-made accountability, always based on facts and not on mere assumptions.

As his mother advanced in age, he wished to offer her more security and a comfortable life. Thus, he decided to take the risk and start a Property business of his own..

Thus, in just under a year, he achieved a great number of accomplishments:

Promoted 3 times for the position of Director in less than a year and appeared several times in The Straits Times.

But the story does not stop here, as he has many astonishing details to share with you.

Associate Marketing Director (AMD)
PropNex 1st Quarter 2016 Top 69th Producers Awards
Powerful Negotiators 1st Quarter 2016 Top 20th Producers Awards
PropNex April 2016 Top 17th Producers Awards
Powerful Negotiators March 2016 Top 7th Producers Awards
PropNex Jan 2016 Top 13th Producers Awards
PropNex Champion Producer (Rookie) 2015
PropNex Powerful Negotiators Top 21 Producer (Oct 2015)
PropNex Powerful Negotiators Top 200 Producer (Q3 2015)
PropNex Top 87th Producer (Q2 2015)
PropNex Top 13th Producer (May 2015)
PropNex Top 171 Producer (Q1 2015)
PropNex Powerful Negotiators Top 248 Producer (Q1 2015)
PropNex Top 17 Producer (Feb 2015)
PropNex Powerful Negotiators Top 241 Producer (FY 2014)
PropNex Powerful Negotiators Top 10 Producer (Nov 2014)
PropNex Powerful Negotiators Top Rookie (Oct 2014)